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Bookings are limited to 1hr per member, per day
However, this does not mean that two or more members hitting against each other may book 1hr in one name and 1hr in another. The first 1hr counts towards all members on the court. Bookings in excess of 1hr may be removed without warning, especially in peak times.

From Monday 22 May, court bookings will be limited to 1 hour
To ensure more people can enjoy the courts every day, LCTC will be limiting court bookings to 1 hour, down from 1hr 30mins, from Monday 22 May 2023.
All bookings in excess of this limit, made from Monday 22 May onwards, will be cancelled and rebooked to an hour.
If you have any feedback or concerns, please email us at: tennis@lanecovetennis.com

Member bookings must be made in the name of the member and that member must be present for the booking.
For example, if you are making a booking for your child who is a member, the booking must be made in their name and they must be present at the courts for the booking.

You must cancel a booking if you cannot attend
If you cannot make your booking for any reason, you must cancel your booking. For members, this can be done through the link in your confirmation email. For non-members, please email us at: tennis@lanecovetennis.com. To qualify for a refund, cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours before your booking time.


All coaching operations at LCTC are run by Paul's Tennis Academy. Email PTA today to find out more or to book your lesson: pta.katm@gmail.com
Court bookings are not available for non-PTA private coaching or commercial coaches. Penalties may apply.


Please reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading through tennis by staying at home if you have symptoms or if you have had contact with COVID-19. If you do attend LCTC, we ask that you observe common-sense social distancing and basic hygiene measures.

Lane Cove Tennis Club is a community, not-for-profit tennis club. It does not have a pro shop or any paid staff. Play on the LCTC courts is not supervised and is at the players own risk.

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How to Book a Court on-line:
  1. Select the complex if required (see 1. above)
  2. Select a date from the calendar (see to the right)
  3. Select a court and time from the available slots (see below).
  4. A booking page will appear. Add your name(s), contact details and press the submit button.
  5. A payment page will appear. Click the "PayPal - pay now" button, (or the "Pay on Arrival" if displayed).
    Your payment must complete successfully or your booking will be deleted from the system
  6. If a court is booked, a confirmation email will be sent to you which provides proof of your booking.

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